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Microdermabrasion and Infusion

Microdermabrasion has long become a brand name in aesthetic treatments and is the world’s second most selling aesthetic procedure.

We use Pristine Microdermabrasion laser-cut diamond applicators, rather than crystals heads which can be damaging to the skin. As well as Vacuum suction, which lifts any congestion and gently injures by scratching the top layer of the skin which triggers off the skin’s own natural healing process, encouraging fast renewal of the skin’s surface and giving a glowing, healthy skin within 3 days. You will notice a cleaner, softer and fresher skin immediately. The diamond heads gently polish the surface of the skin while the vacuuming action, plumps skin and stimulates collagen production from within. This treatment can be used on all skin types excluding Active Acne and Rocasea.

How many treatments will I need?

A course of 3 – 5 treatments is recommended for the best results but you will notice a difference after your first session.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes around 30 minutes and you can leave straight away with little or no redness.


Infusion Skin Therapy

Infusion™ Electro-mesotherapy is the pain-free, needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy and provides safe and effective trans-dermal delivery of therapeutic solutions. Choice of these solutions depend on your skins concerns, Brightening - Vitamin C, Anti Aging - DNA Protein rebuild, Argireline and  General skin hydration - Multi Vitamin ampules to choose from. 

Infusion™ is a multi-application system designed for a wide range of aesthetic treatments for the face and body:

  • Anti ageing and wrinkle reduction

  • Collagen regeneration

  • Skin rehydration

  • Skin firming and toning

  • Body sculpting and cellulite reduction

  • Stretch mark reduction

  • Brightening

The system can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments as a complementary treatment to any standard aesthetic procedure including body contouring, skin rejuvenation procedures, as well as peeling and exfoliation treatments!

A fantastic treatment that will leave you glowing on the inside and out.

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Ampules Available

Biotin - Improves skins appearance

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Deficiency may include dermatologic symptoms like dermatitis, alopecia (hair loss) and achromotrichia (absence or loss of pigment in the hair).

Biotin is required for the function of acetyl Co-A carboxylase, an enzyme that puts together the building blocks for production of fats. Since the membrane of all cells must contain the proper fat components to function properly, the correct and efficient fat production processes are critical for the health of all cells.

This active sustance is a vitamin that helps stimulate cellular repair and promotes healthy skin cell

Trace Element - Improves stability in skin- Acne/sensitivity

Oligoelements are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of almost all biological processes as its action is closely linked with the enzymes, exerting efforts structural and metabolic functions by stimulating or inhibiting hormone regulating physiological responses, and so on. Therapy with trace elements is strengthening the body’s defenses against attacks and helping regain the lost balance.

A poorly nourished skin becomes dry, dull and lacks radiance and is unprotected against environmental stress and pollutants.

Active oligoelements are necessery for healthy glowing skin reducing all symptoms related to the imbalance of cutaneous and lipidic metabolism.

DNA Liquid Anti-Ageing Solution- Acne/Anti-age/scars/stretch marks

DNA is a natural polymer with excellent anti-oxidant and moisturizing capabilities that protect the cell membranes from oxidative degradation.

Its capacity to restore dead cells and reconstruct connective tissue stimulates the healing processes. Nucleic acid combats collagen destruction caused by sun rays, oxidative stress and tobacco. As well as being used in anti-ageing treatments to fight photo-ageing, DNA liquid also enhances the skin of smokers and is able to improve a variety of conditions such as dry skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and hair loss.

DNA is a natural polymer present in the cell nucleus of all living beings, and the origin of the genetic code. Its therapeutic effects increase in proportion to the size of the DNA chain, as high polymerisation makes the product more active and improves tissue penetration.

It has been observed that DNA has the power to restore necrosed cells, reconstructing connective tissue by stimulating the scarring processes. X-ADN can restore dead cells and reconstruct a new conjunctive tissue stimulating healing processes.

Histologically, DNA can turn back the destruction of proteins (basically collagen), blood cells, immunocompetitive structures and restore lesions caused by ischaemic processes. Because of its restorative effects on proteins, X-AND Gel acts against collagen destruction by sun rays, oxidative stress and tobacco (free radicals damages). It possesses synergic action with vitamin E.


Asian Centella Solution - Redness and vascularity/Scar Tissue/Anti Inflammatory

The use of Asian Centella in the management of dermatological conditions has a long tradition and it has a wide range of applications:

Centella asiatica has been documented to aid wound healing in several scientific studies. One of the primary mechanisms of action of this plant appears to be the stimulation of type- 1 collagen production. The triterpenes of Centella Asiatica, and more particularly, asiatic acid, stimulate collagen and elastin biosynthesis, and help to improve wound repair with a better reepithelialisation and a normalisation of perivascular connective tissue allowing an improvement of the venous wall tone and elasticity.

Centella has the potential to enhance connective tissue integrity, elevate antioxidant levels in wound healing, and improve capillary permeability. Asian Centella helps in strengthening the capillaries and veins and assists with better blood circulation. It stops the formation of fibers that trap fat cells in cellulite and improve the flexibility of the connective tissue. Asian Centella, stimulates collagen synthesis by energizing dermal fibroblasts, which leads to stronger blood vessel walls.

Fucus is able to inhibit the inflammatory effects. It has anti-aging properties by increasing skin elasticity and its polysaccharides are natural antioxidants. The thallus of fucus contains organic iodine, which mobilizes retained fluids from some parts of the body, stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins. Edema is one of the agents that cause cellulite; thus, active principles which reabsorb edemas are of great use to treat this condition.

Ivy saponins have demonstrated in vitro anti-elastase and anti-hyaluronidase activities, useful for the protection and for the treatment of vein insufficiency. The stimulating action of ivy saponins on blood circulation is reinforced by the flavonoids in this plant. The main activity attributed to flavonoids is that they act as "vein-active" agents, namely that they reduce the permeability and increase the resistance of blood capillaries. The saponins mixture also showed anti-inflammatory effects.

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