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Face and Body Contouring

Reaction™ is a breakthrough skin tightening treatment which instantly contracts tissue fibers for immediate smoothing and plumping results. Collagen fibers are also strengthened for long-term tightening during this treatment.


We are able to treat Excess Skin, Cellulite, Face and Body contouring, Circumferential reduction and Skin-tightening for face and body.

How Does Reaction™ Work?

By utilising the different RF frequencies and available levels of vacuum therapy, Reaction™ can target specific layers of the skin to precisely heat the underlying network of collagen and elastin fibers and increase metabolic rate of subcutaneous tissue. Due to the 4th multi-channel mode, Reaction™ has the ability to heat all dermal layers simultaneously, to speed up the heating process. Following this local heat treatment, the collagen shrinks and the rigid collagen’s cross-links are broken, thereby restoring the skin’s flexibility and thickening the dermis. This results in firmer, more elastic skin without the need for local anaesthesia. By adding vacuum therapy, Reaction™ stimulates lymphatic drainage, increasing local blood circulation and maximising the penetration of energy in the treatment area resulting in the shrinkage of fat cells volume.

ReFit – The unique application that treats excess skin after extreme weight loss

ReFit is the ultimate solution for loose skin after excessive weight loss combining skin tightening and contouring capabilities. The non-invasive body contouring treatment developed by Viora, provides a solution for patients to attain their desired goal and destination. Reaction™ combines two mechanisms of RF energy and vacuum therapy that work with the body’s natural regeneration processes. The treatment is simple and comfortable and resembles a deep tissue massage.