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How do we treat Nail Fungus?

The infected nail surface is prepared for heat therapy treatment. This will allow for better penetration of the laser treatment.

The laser pulse is directed around the perimeter of the visible nail as often the fungus has spread beyond the visible portion of the nail.

The rest of the nail is then treated with overlapping laser pulses in a circular fashion to ensure full coverage and penetration of the procedure.

Procedure Time
Sensitivity Period

30 mins

24 hours (generally)




Not required




Minor discomfort during the laser treament

Back to work
No. of Treatments


 4 treatments or more

Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection on the toenails or fingernails. The nail infection causes fingernail/toenails to thicken, discolour, disfigure or split. The toenails are much more likely to be infected than fingernails. Without treatment for the infection the nails can damage further easily, especially with toes as they can rub against shoes cause pain and cause nails to break. 

Fungal nail infections are a common nail disease: adults are 30 times more likely to have nail fungus than children. In fact, only 2.6% of children younger than 18 years old are reported to have nail fungus infection, but as many as 90% of elderly people have this infection.

At our clinic we use a Fotona Laser that focuses and drives the energy through the nail which kills the fungus under the nail, speeds up the healing process and promotes healthy cell renewal. Multiple passes are done on each nail infected to build up the heat for deeper penetration to ensure effective treatment.

Why is laser better than the products available over the counter?

Treating nail fungus requires appropriate planned laser heat therapy treatments along with the right after care for prevention. The correct wavelength is needed for the full penetration of the treatment to successfully kill the nail fungus and promote healthy cell renewal. Products over the counter will not kill nail fungus on its own but those with Tea Tree Oil can be used to assist the process in between treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of sessions needed all depends on the depth of the fungus, if the fungus has been present for several years and has now spread to other nails it will take more regular treatments to get rid of the fungus. On the other hand if the fungus did not spread and it hasn’t been left for too long there is more chance of the fungus to be removed with fewer treatments. We also offer manicures and medical pedicure treatments for our clients to promote good hygiene of the hands and feet and for prevention.

Is it painful?

The treatment is not painful although some discomfort is felt as multiple passes are done on the nail, the more heat build-up/passes the more discomfort is felt. Most of our clients tolerate the treatment very well.


Important Notice:

All patients will be advised to visit their GP prior to starting any nail fungus treatments, this is just to confirm its nail fungus.

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