How does electrolysis  hair removal work? 

There is no need to shave prior to the treatment, unlike with laser hair removal.  

A thin needle is inserted into the individual hair follicle

A light current is passed into the follicle which destroys the blood supply preventing hair regrowth

Procedure Time

15-30mins average (small area)

Sensitivity Period

24-48 hours estimated




Not required




skin will looks slightly pink and feel warm

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No. of Treatments

A course of treatments for up to 2 years*

* This will depend on the cause and size of area to be treated. This would be discussed appropriately during consulation

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal has been around for a long time and is the only globally recognised proven method of permanent hair removal recognised by the FDA and British Medical Association. While laser hair removal is suitable for most clients, there are certain cases that cannot be treated using lasers: 


  • Medical conditions

  • Certain skin conditions.

  • Traditional lasers can also not treat grey/white hairs. 


Electrolysis is used in these instances to permanently remove unwanted hair growth. 

The level of discomfort and number of treatments required will vary on a client-to-client basis due to a number of factors:


  • Hair type and density

  • Location of treatment

  • Skin sensitivity and moisture in the skin

  • Individual pain threshold.


Often clients find the first treatment to be the most uncomfortable: as part of the initial consultation process a test patch will also be carried out which will enable each client to familiarise themselves with the treatment. A comprehensive treatment plan will be discussed at the initial consultation after examining the treatment area.

Immediately after the treatment there may be some redness and swelling which disappears in time depending on skin type and sensitivity of the skin usually within 24-48 hours, which is similar to those clients undergoing laser hair removal treatment courses. Some clients may also see tiny pin prick scabs, especially on bony areas or where there were ingrown hairs or hair with distorted follicles, these should be left alone to come off naturally. 

Important Note

Our Advanced Electrolysis treatments can only be booked with our practitioners Karen Evans or Farah Cleaver who has extensive training and years of experience in this very specialist field of aesthetic treatment

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*Medical Treatments


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