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Facial Sculpting Massage inc Buccal

There are 43 muscles in a human face, we naturally use some of them to smile, frown, and express other emotions. At the same time whenever we feel stress or tension some of those face muscles get strained, and over time become permanently tense and stiff.

As we age this becomes more apparent to a point of literally changing the shape of our faces and giving us an aged profile. 


To combat those signs of ageing, Face Sculpting massage does a number of things.

Firstly it takes those large muscles and deeply workers them to release any tightness and bringing them to their original state and position. During the massage, you will have a feeling that the technician nearly lifts the muscle of the bones and lets them settle in the correct positions.

This gives the desired dramatic change in the face shape improvement after few massage sessions. We have to emphasise here that it is crucial to have this treatment done only with a knowledgeable and experienced esthetician.

A lot of people hold tension in the Jaw Line causing pain and teeth grinding. As the muscles are worked this tension is relieved and can help improve associated symptoms.

Face Sculpting massage works the tiniest muscles in the face that are nearly impossible to get through during your routine daily activities. Similar to the body muscles, this will make your face appear more toned, slim and improve the face shape. (Similar to a gym workout, the more frequently you have the treatment the better the results will be)

Finally, Face Sculpting massage moves the excess water away to the lymph node where it gets naturally eliminated by the body. This has the immediate visible result of de-puffing, improving skin colour and over the course of treatments will helps restore natural healthy lymph drainage of the face.

To see best result have a course of 6-8 treatments every two weeks.  Alternately treat yourself (or a loved one) to this deeply relaxing, stimulating Facial Massage. 

Not suitable within 4 weeks of injectable treatments. 

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