Lasers and IPLs used for cosmetic treatments such as hair removal and skin rejuvenation were removed from national regulation in 2010. This has made it possible for anybody to purchase and use one of these machines without the need for registration with a national governing body. Consequently, these potentially dangerous treatments can be performed on the high street often by people with inadequate training, in environments that may be unsafe and with equipment that is not regularly serviced. Skin Rich recognises the public’s concern about the lack of regulation in the industry and is committed to ensuring your safety by implementing the following practices based on national industry guidelines on safe practice:

· All Laser / IPL treatments are performed by operators who are fully trained and competent for each specific task.
· All lasers / IPL operators are qualified to at least NVQ level 3 (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline.
· All laser / IPL operators undergo comprehensive laser / IPL safety training provided by an industry specialist.
· All laser / IPL equipment is regularly serviced and calibrated by a specialist engineer.
· All laser / IPL equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) is subject to a programme of daily checks to ensure that it is in good working order.
· An independent, nationally certified laser / IPL safety specialist known as a Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) is appointed to provide advice on all aspects of laser / IPL safety.
· All laser / IPL treatments are performed in strictly controlled areas with the correct PPE and subject to safe systems of work (local rules) prepared by the LPA.
· All laser / IPL equipment and environments are risk-assessed by the LPA.
· The LPA carries out an annual inspection of the premises to ensure that all environments and practices are safe and in accordance with national industry guidelines.
· All lasers and IPLs at the clinic are used under license by the Richmond Borough Council.

If you have any queries or concerns about the safety of your laser or IPL treatments, please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff for advice.