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 Laser hair removal is requested by clients for cultural, medical and cosmetic reasons. over time people have tried many methods in an attempt to remove their unwanted body hair.

Techniques for short term hair removal  have included:

  • Shaving – with the risk of cuts and rashes
  • Bleaching – with the associated skin irritation
  • Tweezing – both time consuming and painful
  • Waxing – a quicker option but much more pain
  • Depilatories – to melt the hair (and sometimes the skin!)

In general, those that look for a hair removal method  would much prefer a long-term or even a permanent solution.

Unfortunately, the only current option for permanent removal is electrolysis; but this is far from a low cost option and requires repeated treatments for up to 2 years. So for these reasons laser hair removal has been fast  growing in popularity. Electrolysis is still the second best option for those clients that cannot have laser hair removal due to hair suitability i.e grey hair, very blond hair or clients with contra-indications to laser treatments.

By far the most important advantage of Laser hair removal to many people is the fact that it offers long-term removal of unwanted hair  or it’s permanent reduction in appearance. After laser hair removal any re-growth of hair is often of lighter colour and finer in texture.

Laser hair removal is particularly valuable for larger body areas where a great deal of hair has to be treated; such as the back, chest, or legs. Our laser is able to treat all skin types and hair types, although red and blond hair may difficult to treat. This would be discussed and advised at the initial consultation.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal at our treatment clinic  in Richmond  works by destroying the base of the hair follicle or hopefully the root. After a laser treatment session  the hairs will fall out (this period is called casting) over a  course of 2 weeks.

Is laser hair removal painful?

The procedure is occasionally uncomfortable, but should not be particularly painful. Some people describe the sensation as a slight prickly heat. We can offer a topical anesthetic cream which is generally applied1.5 hours prior to treatment to give it time to work.

How many laser hair removal treatments will need?

We recommend about 6 – 12 sessions conducted every 4 – 8 weeks this is dependent on treatment area and skin, hair type.

Is laser hair removal suitable for my skin?

Yes, most people are suitable, but a  full consultation and test patch is required prior to commencement of treatments.

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