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Skin Rich – the name says it all… At our clinic in Richmond we have high set aims to achieve the greatest results possible for all skin types – for all our clients. Using Advanced Skin Treatments and Medically Graded Products. In a stress free, friendly and professional journey from the moment they walk in, to the treatments and after care.

So whether you suffer from a skin condition or just want to put a ‘pause’ on the ageing process, we are here to advise you on how to have your skin looking its best at every stage and age of your life.

Our skin is our largest organ of the body and the most exposed, being ‘on show’ gives it it’s importance. We feel good when our skin is looking and feeling fresh and healthy, its a great booster to our confidence and makes us happy when our skin  is admired by others. Our skin makes us feel RICH.

Ageing is a natural process of life and at Skin Rich we want you to do this gracefully. So lets talk skin and celebrate our skins as the tribes still do all over the world today by anointing their skins!!!

We are told beauty is within, at Skin Rich we believe beauty is SKIN.

All our treatments are non-surgical, and performed by qualified Doctors, Consultants and Practitioners. Our procedures are stress free with minimum down time, so no fearing the results, any painful recovery or high costs.

All our products are Medically Graded and have active ingredients and which achieve excellent results with or without our treatments.

Book a Free in depth Consultation in which we will devise you a skin treatment programme and product regime based on your concerns, our findings and your lifestyle so everything is gently enhanced. We can also discuss any treatments you may be interested in.

Please either email us or call us to arrange a convenient time.


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